How Much Does It Cost to Fix AC in the House


If your AC is out of order for some reason. You want to fix it but are worried about the expenses. Let this article help you to estimate your cost to fix AC. The repairing cost depends on various factors, may only the ducts, which are damaged and want a replacement. It may be other parts that want to get repaired. 

How much does AC Repair Cost?

Usually, it takes 450$ to 1000$ the repair an AC. This cost is estimated and can be varied with other factors as it depends on which part will get a repair service. Other factors that also affect the cost are labor, quality of parts, and company. Many companies charge per hour and it varies between $35-100$. Some contractors charge based on project complexity and the size of the product. For example, the cost will be lower for a mini-split AC than the other. You can hire a local technician but licensed and professional contractors will do their job with responsibility. 

Our labor cost ranges between 20$ and 180$. But this cost varies when in the hot season. It rises to 200$. You can get a yearly maintenance service at the same price. These seasonal or regular services will help you to save from major repairs and will save your cost. It can also help you to get a better price if you are planning to sell your home. 

Residential AC Repair Cost:

The repair cost of home fix AC varies, depending on your unit. The refrigerant of your AC is a major cost determinant. The cost of AC may range from 100$ to more than 600$. You can add labor costs for 5-6 hours in repairing costs to get the estimation. 

AC Compressor Replacement or Repairing Cost:

If your AC is making noise, vibrating, and blowing warm air, your compressor is not working well. It needs repairing or replacement. The AC compressor replacement will cost almost 1200$ to 1500$, depending on size and company. It will take an hour if you get the services of a professional. If the damage is minor, you can replace the compressor kit for 200$ almost. But in the long run, it may not work well.  

Freon Repairing Cost:

A professional technician can easily detect the Feron leakage and the gas leaking point. Sometimes it takes hours to identify the leakage. So your labor cost can vary according to the expert level and nature of the damage. Normally the freon leakage repairing cost ranges between  225$ to 1600$. 

AC Blower Repair Cost:

A blower repair cost is almost 150$. It also depends on the kind of motor of the blower. The time of completion for this project is 3 hours. 

Air Handler Repairing Cost:

The Air handler works with the main system to circulate the hot and cold air. The defect in its working affects the working of the AC. Replacement of this system costs 2500-3800$. 

Condenser Repair or Replacement Cost:

If your AC condenser is not working well and you want to replace it. It will cost almost $1750 to have a new condenser in your system. Always try to hire a licensed professional to get your services if you want to save your labor cost. 

AC Duct Repair or Replacement Cost:

This service will take more than a day, depending on the problem with the duct system. The repair cost of AC ducts is about 2000$, and if you want to replace them, the cost will be 9000$ to 12000$. 

Inverter AC Repair Cost:

The repairing cost of an inverter AC is more than the normal unit. Inverter reduces electricity bills by 30-50%. It is efficient and works with the latest technology. But the maintenance of this unit is costly but worth it. 

AC Capacitor Repair:

This project takes less than an hour if some professional is doing it. It will cost you almost $120-475. 

Following are some identifiers that can help you to detect that your unit needs repair service or replacement.

  • The AC is running but taking lots of time to cool your place. 
  • Your AC is generating strange sounds.
  • Utility bills are more than your regular bills, it’s a clear indication that your fix AC needs inspection. 
  • Your AC smells bad, and you are not comfortable in its cool air. 
  • AC is not working at all.
  • Unusual leakage of water from your AC 
  • If your unit is icy or frosty then it needs to be repaired or replaced.

It’s always better to choose a professional and licensed company for your AC services to have quality benefits. 



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