Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance


Purchasing a tankless water heater is an outstanding way to decrease electricity costs and to get advantages from the hot water supply on your own demand. And the wonderful news is that water heater repair is not that much expensive. All mechanical appliances and equipment need to be maintained on a regular basis. And this regular maintenance will give you optimal durability and good efficiency.

A tankless water heater is also a mechanical appliance; it is not different. But you need to understand why it is necessary and what needs to be done to assist you to plan for this procedure. You need to have your tankless water heaters maintained by a professional once a year. But if there is hard water, in the area where you are living or possibly your water heater is fixed to a high temperature, then you may need maintenance of your water heater twice a year.

Common Issues with Water Heaters

Maintenance of your tankless hot water heater may give you comfort to avoid giving much time on its repair because it takes much time to repair it. That’s why you need to maintain it regularly. It can also give your water heater maximum durability to use and boost energy efficiency for the next months and years. You may only need to repair your tankless water heater because of hard water but regular maintenance of the system can decrease the effects of hard water.

Hard water contains various minerals, and these minerals can damage your water and various other problems inside the system. But the water hardness is dependent on the area where you are living. Yet, all tap water that progresses over the system has at least trace elements of minerals that can expand with time.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

You can do it on your own, to manage maintenance or you can schedule service by professionals. Basic maintenance services just require cleaning the system in various methods. If minerals have heavy onto the factors in the unit, descaling efforts can be made. To extremely lessen buildup, setting up an inline filter is a valuable investment. In another way, ordinary cleaning is profitable and helpful.

So, for the cleaning purpose we’ve given below, the important tips for hot water heater repair and maintenance. These steps help your water heater to work with maximum efficiency and reduce energy costs. Further, these steps can also decrease irrelevant wear and tear, and they may conceivably help your system to last longer. So, here are various ways to clean and maintenance of your tankless water heater:

Flushing the System

You need to flush your hot water heater once a year because years of minerals gather inside the water heater. And if there is hard water in your area, they possibly build up rapidly. Minerals can create disturbance to heat exchange in your water heater. If you will not be flushing your system, it will decrease the durability of the tankless water heater.

The minerals will be removed by flushing the system. So, for flushing, you’ll require to make the mixture of a sump pump, vinegar water, and have 02 lengths of hose. Then turn off the power to supply your water heater. Turn off the water to the pump and affix the hoses. Now push the vinegar water into the heater with the use of a sump pump. After flushing the system with vinegar water properly, then flush it with ordinary water. You can get more information from the user manual of your hot water heater. If you can’t do this, properly contact a professional hot water heater repair company. They will give you proper information about that.

Cleaning the Air Filter

In the tankless water heater, regular air filter cleaning is a must for longer time maintenance. You have to clean this filter properly, so remove the filter from the water heater and clean it accurately. Then grab a soft brush and use it with water solutions and soap to clean this filter. Clean it entirely to ensure proper airflow. Give it some time to rinse well and dry it completely before inserting it into the water heater.

Cleaning the Water Filter

During the maintenance of the water heater, it’s important to also clean the water filter. Many tankless water heaters have a screen that will use to trap any minerals and waste coming in. You’ll be required to clean the water filter regularly for proper usage of your water heater. If this waste increases, it can disturb your water heater working.

So, for this purpose disconnect the water supply to the water heater. Then remove the water filter, and clean it properly with warm soapy water or wipe it with a simple cloth. If you can’t identify your water filter, then read your user manual to find its location. Or you can also hire a professional hot water heater repair plumber.


So, here we’ve given the complete details of why and when tankless water heaters require maintenance. You will need to hire a professional plumber for its proper maintenance because they have the latest equipment with techniques. They can easily do their job because they are experienced in their field of work.

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