How Do Locksmiths Make a Car Key Without an Original One


Losing your car key is not only frustrating but problematic as well. A car is a common necessity for everyone, especially for people who have to go out daily for work or other purposes. Let’s suppose you somehow lose your car key and are already getting late for an important meeting. That would leave you in a very bad situation which is why you must always have duplicate keys with you.

Another precaution you should take is to keep in contact with a professional locksmith in your neighborhood. This will help you get professional help when you face any lock and key issues with your car. Locksmiths are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of issues, including creating duplicate keys.

Professional locksmiths can even make duplicate keys without the original keys, which means that if you ever lose your car keys, you can simply contact a good locksmith, and your problem will be solved. Here is how locksmiths make a car key without an original one.

Imprint Method

When no other feasible option is there, the imprint method is used to create a key. It is a time-consuming method for automobiles but can be very effective in creating house door lock keys. Although, this is a real skill that every locksmith must try to practice and improve with time.

This method uses the fact that most locks are made using pins or plates that must be in a specific position for the lock to rotate. These pins and plates can leave marks on key blanks that are trimmed with the sharpness of the blade, resulting in the formation of a new key.

However, these markings can be very difficult to read sometimes. And a locksmith may perform multiple tries to do it correctly. But by using a sharpie marker or lighter-coated soot on the key blank, a new key can be made.

Key Cutting Method

The cutting process is normally used for older vehicles in which a car key is cut according to the key code. This process requires a very high-precision, state-of-the-art key-cutting machine. The metal is manually loaded into the machine to create a duplicate key. Then the locksmiths use the code reader to enter the vehicle identification code into the machine. After that, the machine begins to bite the metal, tracking the exact pattern decoded by the key code reader. However, some steps in the process require manual work by the locksmith to adjust the keys, especially for vertical and horizontal cuts. When the engraved key comes out of the car, you will see that it has been cut exactly like the original key.

Programming the Car Key

Latest vehicles usually use a transponder key that has an electronic chip implanted in the key head. When inserted into the ignition, the chip turns on the engine, allowing the car to start. Without the correct chip, the car won’t start. After the locksmith determines the correct key blank and transponder chip from the vehicle information, two ways can be used to create the key.

  • Key duplication

The resulting key from the duplication process is also an exact copy of the physical key fragment with data on the transponder chip.

  • Car Key Programming

This step requires special equipment designed specifically for car key programming or software. It is up to the locksmith to determine which step is required for making the new key. However, programming is still required in most steps to make the car key. Locksmith Austin is very famous for car key programming.

 Scoping Method 

Modern locks are made up of advanced technology that provides keyless access to vehicles. Despite the proliferation of this modern system, the basic locking mechanism remains the same on most vehicles. Scoping is a special method used by experienced locksmiths to help drivers when they forget their keys inside the car, which is generally called a lockout. The locksmith inserts a small scope inside the lock and analyzes the lock cylinder.

In most cases, a locksmith takes out the lock cylinder from the joints to make a perfect matching key. After that, the locksmith makes the key that matches the original key pattern by the same impression method. You can open the lock and retrieve the original key when he’s done.

This special technique allows the operator to save the unnecessary cost of redesigning a key by the manufacturers. However, you can save this key for the future if you get locked out again, as it is better to use the original key for starting the car.

According to the white knight, tx locksmiths use many different methods to create duplicate keys worldwide. It usually depends on the locksmith and the type of locking mechanism the vehicle has to select a particular type of method for key duplication. So, whenever you lose or misplace your car keys, call a good locksmith and get professional help.

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