How To Setup Solar Panel At Home


A solar panel is an efficient way to save energy and produce eco-friendly electricity. It is made by an assembly of photovoltaic cells and you can either take the services of a solar panel installer or do it yourself at home.

Clean energy is the need of the hour as carbon emission has ruined our atmosphere to a deadly extent. Solar panels are not only for commercial use but are also useful for residential purposes. It is a big investment but it cuts down your electricity bill to a minimum. To save the environment and resources, we should have a complete guide to installing solar panels at home.

Calculate The Total Energy Usage

Solar panels are present in different power ranges, so it is obligatory to calculate the total energy use of your house before the installation of a solar panel. You can perform the calculation quite easily. Simply calculate the time and number of home appliances you run. Note down the power of these appliances from the power chart and measure the watt-hour accordingly by finding the product of running time and power of the appliance.

Now, it will be easy for you to purchase the correct solar panels that will work exactly according to your residential need. Purchasing a larger solar panel than the one required will make you invest more money.

Assemble The Components of Solar Power

Companies provide a module with solar panels so that you get know-how about the components of solar panels. This module talks about the function of each component in the solar panel and how it should be installed. Your prime task, after investing in a solar panel, should be an assembly of its components. Its components include:

  • Breaker
  • MC4 Connector
  • Meter
  • Fuses

Breakers are used to prevent arc extinction in the PV system. MC4 connector is used to connect the solar modules of solar panels. A PV meter or simply a meter has the purpose to calculate the total energy produced by the solar panel. Fuses, on the other hand, are important for the safety of your photovoltaic system. It is used to save the wiring from catching fire due to the immense increase in temperature.

Select The Correct Battery

As the name suggests, solar panel derives energy from sunlight. In the evening, when the sun sets, it cannot provide us with energy. To save the energy of solar panels, we install a battery with it. The size of the battery also depends on the size and power of the solar panel installed. Mostly, a lithium-ion battery or lead-acid battery is used that store’s energy and discharges it in the form of ions at night.

Charging The Battery

Your battery needs proper charging. For this purpose, a power controller is used to examine the battery. It is often attached with an LED to signal when the battery needs charging.

Need Of an Inverter

An inverter is a device to convert direct current (DC) into Alternating current (AC). Solar panels or solar arrays produce a direct current that is not useful for our appliances as they are functional on alternating currents. To make the solar panel functional for appliances, an inverter is used. You have to select the correct inverter for your solar system depending on the wattage. Square wave and modified sine wave inverters are not compatible with every device so, pure sine wave inverters are preferred to install.

Fixing Solar Panel on Roof

It is the most important step of the post. A panel cannot function properly if not fixed properly. Prefer to fix your solar panel such that it gets unconstrained sunlight. Your system panel should have a mounting installation. For this task, you can make stands or purchases according to Magazine Hubs. Mounting should not be higher than the latitude angle of the location. Place the plates where they face sunlight throughout the day.

Fix a junction box with your solar panels having negative and positive terminals. The wires can be distinguished based on the colors red and black wires for positive and negative terminals respectively.

Connecting Battery and Solar Panel

Companies deliver solar panels and batteries to you, as a single unit. You don’t have to make any extra effort for it. In case, they haven’t, you should set connections in series and parallel states. Series connections connect the negative terminal of one device with the positive terminal of the other’s device. Parallel connections have a negative terminal connected with the negative terminal of both devices and vice versa.

Use Stands

Your solar panel is incomplete without stands. As discussed above, you can either build them on your own or purchase them according to your need. Your battery and inverter need stands and you should get them after fixing a position for their allocation.


Hence, following these simple but effective steps can make you set up a solar panel at your home without any hassle. Purchase your solar panel from a reliable company and ensure a warranty as solar panel requires a big budget. Take care that all its components are complete and functional. After correct acquisition and installment, it will give you relief for life.

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