Top 6 Things You Should Ask Before Renting A Limo at Airport


After most of the travel restrictions have been lifted around the world, it’s time to travel again. While the norms have drastically changed, you still have to rent an airport limo. And it should be done with even more vigilance.

Whether you are planning for travel or business reasons, we suggest you check the rules and regulations beforehand. For airport transits, you should hire a trusted airport limo service long before you board the plane. It not only saves you money but offers unmatched safety and convenience. As you are hunting for an airport limo service, you will come across several names.

You Should Always Ask The Following 6 Things Before Renting A Limo At The Airport

1.      How Long Have You Been in Business?

The first thing you should be asking is about their experience. There are several limo services out there but not all of them have got enough experience to provide you with the safest ride. The more experience a transportation service has, the more you can trust them.

It’s easier to check the reputation among the locals and online as well. Those who are traveling to an unfamiliar location and don’t have any personal references should always check the online reviews and ratings of the company before booking a ride.

2.      How Are You Better or Different Than Others?

Let the airport limousine service touch their sales pitch. Inquire as many questions as you need to and see if they shrug off any of the important questions. Generally, you will hear words like “the most reliable airport limo service”, “guaranteed satisfaction”, “affordable” and “safe”. Almost every service will use these words but only a few of them back up their claims with real-world examples.

Talk to any of their previous customers. Although it seems a bit over the top in this scenario it is super helpful. You can avoid making mistakes. Ask them how the company is different or better than its competitors.

3.      What Are Your Service Hours?

Let’s say you get an important call and your client calls for an urgent meeting in Allen TX. And you are still in New York yet. You need to rush to Allen and will need the services of an airport limo at the last minute. Make sure the company you are hiring can provide transportation services at such hours. All of your hard work at this stage pays off when you take a comfortable and safe ride to your destination in unfamiliar places. Don’t forget to check if the company strictly follows the schedules.

4.      What Services Are Included in Your Bills?

Each company varies and so are its service packages. Most limo rental companies like haririi have official websites that are continuously updated. You can check them for their service charges. Whether they charge flat rates or not, you can get all the information listed online. Pick the most suitable package and talk to them if they are ready to negotiate the charges. Get to know the services included in the bills.

Here is another pro tip. Always discuss the cancellation policies beforehand. If you have to make any last-minute changes to your trip, are they ready to accommodate you?

5.      How Do You Maintain Your Fleet?

The condition of the fleet is a critical factor. If you are paying to travel in a limo, you should get the feel of it. Nobody likes to, and should, travel in a dirty and unkempt limo. Most businesspersons choose to travel in an airport limo for the sake of style and first impressions. Make sure the company takes full measures to maintain its fleet. They should have regular maintenance schedules and drivers must ensure that the vehicle has no technical issues before the ride.

6.      How Will You Ensure My Safety?

Hiring a limo for the airport is all about comfort and safety. Ask them how will they ensure your safety on the road. Are the drivers fully trained and licensed? Take a look into their recruitment policies and how they keep passengers safe amidst the pandemic.

Renting a limo at the airport? Inquire about the gratuity policies so that you don’t embarrass yourself.

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