In 2021, These Are the Top Five Magento 2 Extensions You Should Use


Now that Magento has upgraded itself, it’s time to move on to Magento 2. And Magento 2 includes a library of extensions to assist in the creation of even more customer-friendly eCommerce sites. Almost every e-store feature and capability now has an extension accessible. Magento has become a more powerful and ready-to-use eCommerce platform as a result of these new extensions.

All of these extensions were created and implemented in Magento 2 with the specific needs of various eCommerce enterprises in mind. These Magento 2 extensions installation can be by developers according to their needs. Isn’t that incredible? In today’s Magento marketplace, there are over 3000 extensions available. Here’s a list of the top ones accessible in version 2.

Every Magento development company and every eCommerce business owner should be aware of the best Magento 2 extension developers.

Bingo Elastic Search

Is it tough to find something in your store? It won’t be tough with Magento 2’s new Bingo ElasticSearch extension. This extension adds to the immediate display of search results. It also has a comprehensive search area in your store that is capable of distinguishing between singular and plural words. Bingo ElasticSearch was one of the most eager anticipations for Magento extensions, and it was finally released with Magento 2.

One-Step Checkout Extension

The name of this extension should be enough to give you an idea of what it’s for. Yes, this is the extension that has simplified and accelerated the checkout process. Customers may now check out by completing all formalities on a single page thanks to the inclusion of this new Magento 2 extension.

Since its installation after switching to Magento 2, the stores that have already implemented this extension have seen zero abandoned carts. Customers will no longer have to go through the traditional, time-consuming, and inconvenient checkout process.

Layered Navigation

Layered navigation is a Magento 2 migration services addon that extends and enhances the navigation functionalities of an e-store. Its development occurs to cater to online retailers with a pool of products and product categories, making navigation inside the businesses easier and faster.

When clients shop in crowded businesses, navigation slows down, significantly impacting the user experience. This addon has come to the rescue, so make sure it’s up to date to work with the new platform. Customers will not be confused or have problems accessing your store as a result of this.

Two Factor Authentication

By now, you’ve probably figured out that practically every eCommerce store has a lot of traffic. However, this traffic may or may not be beneficial to your store. Because of the high volume of traffic, numerous dangers find their way into the system, which is where the two-factor authentication extension comes in handy.

By requiring site users to complete an additional verification method, this addon helps to speed the entire shopping experience from selection to purchase and checkout. This aids in preventing hackers and all phony IDs from entering or intercepting the payment sites, ensuring that the payment or transaction operations are entirely safe and secure.

Auto Select Shipping Payment Method

This addon allows customers in a rush to shop for whatever they want and then go. Once consumers have auto-selected their preferred shipping option, this plugin assists them in bypassing any needless pages along the way and proceeding directly to the payment confirmation page.

Apart from providing value to the site, all of these extensions, together with the rest, assist in extending and enhancing the features of a Magento eCommerce business. Adding value to an e-store aids in the promotion of sales and the development of something that every online shopper would want to return to. These Magento 2 extensions also improve consumer involvement, as well as sales and productivity of online stores. If you want a powerful and customer-friendly online store for your business, make sure you install and integrate these.

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