Must Know Tips to Avoid Costly Air Conditioner Repairs


AC has become a necessity for almost everyone in this era. It helps us in keeping our home cool in the summer. With never-ending usage, it can be under a lot of burdens. Hence, it can ultimately break down. To prevent this, it is always to keep your AC maintained. It will help you in catching any issue before it is too late.

Moreover, if you observe the problem late due to low maintenance, you might need to replace your AC completely, which will cost you even more. Thus, it is crucial to follow the vital tips to prevent costly residential AC repairs. This article will provide some essential tips on AC maintenance. By following these, you’ll have a cool home when the temperature is extremely high in summer.

Clean Or Replace the Air Filters of the Air conditioner

Routinely cleaning or changing air filters is the most important way to improve the efficiency of your AC. You can replace one-inch folded filters once a month if you’re not confident about the kind of filter to use. Your vendor can suggest one based on your system. For all other filter sizes, your vendor will clean, check, or replace them at your yearly maintenance visit.

Remember, filters might require more regular attention if your air conditioner is in continuous use. In regular use, AC is prone to dirty or dusty conditions. You can also contact your vendor to know what regularity of filter maintenance is perfect for your system. 

Clear The Drain

 The AC condensate duct fills with water (your AC releases) and condensation. The plastic duct can be favorable for mould that could choke your system and back everything up. You can use special AC pain pills. It will protect your condensate drain from blocking. 

Make Sure the Fins of Your Air Conditioner Aren’t Bent

 On the outside of every air conditioner, you’ll see aluminum fins. These fins help in keeping the air conditioner cool. That is why you need to make sure that they don’t get damaged. Often, deformation happens as a result of residue smacking up against the compressor of your AC repeatedly. You can prevent this by clearing off at least one foot on all sides of your air conditioner.

Moreover, if these fins are bent slightly, you can just run a brush on them to rebuild their shape. But if that is not the case and they have bent severely. Then, you’ll require a butter knife to turn them back into shape. Remember, you need to be gentle; as with any piece of delicate aluminum, these fins can break if you twist too harshly or too much.

Keep the Temperature of Your Air Conditioner Optimal

Though, your set temperature on the thermostat will greatly depend on your comfort level. Many AC systems have an optimal temperature level that makes sure they will continue to utilize the energy efficiently.

Besides, you can go through the owner’s guide to know the temperature level. Also, you can ask your service mechanic to help you in finding the temperature that is the most energy-efficient. Remember, you need to prevent varying the temperatures too frequently. Because it will make your AC unit perform harder, and as a result, it will not be functioning efficiently enough.

Remove Debris from The Unit

Over time, stuff like dirt, grass clippings, and leaves will build up on the outside of your air conditioner. Thus, reducing airflow and decreasing system capacity. Therefore, you should cut off any shrubs or plants around the air conditioner. It is important to keep from restricting airflow to and from the unit.

Regular Professional Check-Ups

An examination comprises an on-site visit of an AC repair person. A repair person assesses your AC system and makes sure it runs at optimum performance. Also, depending on the repairperson involved, the examination might include doing any of the following:

  • Making sure that the fan is working correctly.
  • Coils cleaning.
  • Checking (or perhaps changing) the air filter.
  • Cleaning duct lines
  • Checking the level of refrigerant.
  • Looking for any leaks in the heat exchanger.

Getting yearly maintenance from professionals means that they will inspect and clean all the components. They will make sure that your system is working optimally. Moreover, it will help prevent expensive energy bills, not to mention costly, sudden repair bills.


Lastly, for many prominent reasons, AC preventive maintenance is important. If you take a little bit of preventative care of your AC, it can go a long way. It is always the best means to detect a minor problem before it turns into a huge one. Make a schedule of regular examinations. Also, you need to take notes and correct minor issues. It is crucial to make sure you enjoy the comfort of a system with zero concern about it failing.

If you keep your AC well-maintained, you will have fewer issues. Ultimately, it means less hassle and reducing unnecessary residential AC repair costs. Furthermore, as mentioned, to lessen the burden and assurance that everything is sufficiently maintained. Also, you must consider hiring professional technicians to handle your AC examination and maintenance.

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