Most Common Air Conditioner Problems You Should Know About


We know that summers are getting hotter and hotter than before. So, many people consider installing an AC and air conditioner in their house so that they could protect themselves from hot weather. It is because such weather is not good for our health. We can get sick if we live in extremely hot weather.

You may have seen that almost all offices and organizations have installed air conditioners in the workplace so that the employees could work comfortably. If the workers do not get an efficient environment, they cannot provide quality outcomes.

So, when we install an air conditioner in our house or office, we should know that we might have to face some problems regarding AC. It is because nothing in this world is perfect. Everything may have some issue at some time that affects its performance. The same is the case with an AC. You might have to face some problems regarding it.

Let’s Have a Look at Some Common Air Conditioner Problems That Could Occur at Your Place:

Air Conditioner Tripping

Tripping on an air conditioner’s circuit breaker is a very common issue that occurs with an AC. This issue has a great concern with the air conditioning installation. It also occurs due to some other reasons such as there is a lack of gas in your AC i.e. the gas is leaking which is affecting the AC’s performance.

You may notice that your AC trips a fuse every time you turn it on. No doubt, this issue can affect other activities of your AC too. If your AC is installed poorly, you will surely face this issue. So, it is recommended to you hire a professional instead of a cheap handyman to install your air conditioner.

AC Not Cooling Room

Another common issue that you face is that your AC does not cool your room. We know that when we turn on our AC, our room becomes cold within an hour as compared to the outside temperature. But it is only possible if there is no issue with your AC and it is working properly.

But if your AC is not working properly, it will not flow cool air. It will blow hot air instead which means there is an issue with the AC. You must hire a professional to get it checked and fix the issue as soon as possible. The most common issue is a tripped circuit breaker that does not let you Ac flow cool air. A damaged blower belt might also be the reason behind this happening.

AC Not Turning On

We all have faced this issue often that our AC doesn’t turn on. No doubt, it is a very frustrating moment when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is that your AC is turned off and when you try to turn it on, it still remains turned off.

The reason behind this happening might be loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. There might also be an issue with the circuit breaker. So, you must hire an expert to find the cause and fix it instead of trying to fix the issue yourself. It is because if you do not know how to fix it, you might damage your AC unit which will be expensive for you to fix.

Water Leaking

Another common issue that occurs with an air conditioner is water leaking. It is not an easy task to detect the leakage of water because it occurs in coolant lines. Only detectable when you see there are bright-colored stains near your AC unit. It may occur if there is an issue with the outside unit of your AC.

Some other reasons for water leakage might be the issue with the connections and lines of your AC system. There might also be faulty condensate pumps or blocked drainage pipes that result in refrigerant leaking. Turn off your AC immediately when you notice water leaks and call a professional for air conditioning repair.

Clogged AC Filter

We know that our AC gets the air from outside and convert it into cool air. So, the dirt easily gets into our air conditioner, not only into the outside unit but also the inside unit. It is necessary for you to clean it regularly or twice a week so that the dirt does not get stuck in it and affect its performance.

When you do not clean it often, the air filters present in your AC become clogged due to dirt and debris. If you do not clean them, you will not get proper airflow from your air conditioner. Moreover, the efficiency of your air conditioner will also be affected. The ability of your AC to cool your room is also reduced.


To sum up, we would like to say that when you buy an electronic item, you must be aware of the problems that can occur with it at any time. It is common that they get dirty, so you need to clean them regularly. Moreover, you should get them checked by an expert timely so that any future problems could be avoided.

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