The Ultimate Move-out Cleaning Checklist


Whether you are just relocating your rental apartment or buying a house, the moving process can be very tiring and stressful. With so many things to do, it is very common that our minds skipped some things. You have to pack all of your stuff, get rid of junk, pick up rental insurance plans, change your mailing address, clear the bills and do so much more.

All of these tasks leave very little room for a very important and time-consuming task which is cleaning. You can hire a cleaning service provider to help you with this task, or you can save your money by doing the move-out cleaning on your own. With so little time at hand, it is better to have a checklist in hand so you can do everything quickly. Here’s the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist to help you with the moving process.

1. Cleaning Checklist for Bedrooms

If you want to clean a house efficiently before moving out, then make sure to clean it from every nook and corner. Your major focus should be cleaning everything steps by step. For example, you should start with cleaning the rooms and clean the exterior at the end of the day.

Start by cleaning the bedrooms, and here is a checklist to do that:

  • All surfaces should make dust-free and cleaned properly
  • The exteriors and the interiors of your closets should be cleaned
  • Wipe the marks present on the walls or cupboards and repaint the walls if needed to remove these spots permanently
  • Mirrors should be wet wiped and cleaned thoroughly
  • Clean the window sills and rails to remove any kind of dust left behind
  • Take a cloth and clean the doors, doorknobs, and the doorframes
  • Lamps and lights should be cleaned so that they can glow properly
  • Hard surface floors should be vacuumed and damp mopped

2. Cleaning Checklist for Bathrooms

Cleaning a bathroom during a move-out process is easy. The reason is that you don’t have to change bathroom utilities or towels etc. Get your cleaning equipment ready and start cleaning the bathrooms. If your toilet has stains or any other bathroom area has the same problem, let the cleanser do its job first. While the agent removes the stains, you can shift to another task to save time.

Here’s a checklist to clean the bathrooms   

  • Clean and sanitize the shower closets, faucets, and toilet seats
  • Use a detergent to clean the sinks and sanitize them as well
  • Use a scraper to clean the mirrors inside the washroom. You can use the same scraper to clean the shower closet glass
  • Remove the dust from the cabinet interiors and exteriors
  • Dust clean the countertops and shelves inside the bathrooms
  • Clean the windows using a scraper and pay extra attention to cleaning the window sills and rails
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the door, hinges, and handle.
  • Use a high-quality detergent to clean the floors of the bathroom

3. Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen can be very tiring as it has one of the most stubborn stains and sometimes smells.  Here’s the checklist to clean your kitchen before moving out.

  • Clean the kitchen appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, etc. from both inside and outside
  • Smaller appliances like a toaster should be dusted as well
  • All the shelves, countertops, and cupboards should be dusted and cleaned
  • Sinks should be free of stains, and the drain pipes should be free from blockage
  • The dishwasher should be cleaned with a top-rated detergent
  • Clean the stains on the walls and the shelves
  • Remove the garbage from the kitchen properly
  • Floors should be vacuumed and then washed

4. Cleaning Checklist for the Living Room

The common areas of the house, like the hallways and the staircases, must be cleaned along with the living area. Experts advise focusing on the furniture areas. These are the areas where dust is present the most and has the worst stains. Here’s how you can clean these areas.

  • Vacuum clean the carpeted floors before cleaning them with a detergent
  • If tile flooring is present, you can use water and microfiber cloth
  • Clean the spots on the walls of the living area
  • Ensure that the shoe rack present in the hallway is free of dust
  • Clean the staircase using warm water and a mop

5. House’s Exterior Cleaning Checklist

After cleaning the entire house, the last part is cleaning the house’s exterior. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Clean the lawn and mow the grass
  • Clean the patio covers, decks, and front walkways.
  • If there’s a laundry room, clean it and deodorize it properly

Following the checklist shared above will help you deal with move-out cleaning quickly and smoothly. So, make sure to follow it and make your stressful moving process a little bit easier for yourself.

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