Full House Cleaning Your Home Cleaned Just the Way You Like It


Cluttered home, too many chores? You have enough to do. Mess needs tidying, laundry piling up, hard floors that need scrubbing, and the fridge that could use a good de-cluttering. And now you also need to find time to do it all. House Cleaning Services offers you the ultimate solution for your home cleaning needs.

Hiring A House Cleaner Who Will Scrub Your Home to Perfection Without Breaking Anything
There is no denying the amount of time and money an impeccably clean home can fetch. But, what about those early hours? Because, if we’re honest, none of us like cleaning. So… how do we solve this? You can either spend your valuable and rejuvenating early hours scrubbing and vacuuming with only the help of a blind cord dangling from your hand – or your little ones – or, you can venture on past those miserable mornings for a sparkling clean home. Let’s elevate housekeeping to a thing of art.

If you have any interest in getting rid of those early morning dreads of dirty surfaces and floors – let alone little plates littered around the kitchen – why not have a splash of freshness restored to your home? With House Cleaning Antioch CA taking care of matters.

Finding The Right House Cleaner Takes Time and Money

If you are looking for a great house cleaning service, but are worried about the cost, then worry no more. House Cleaning Antioch will help you out. We offer competitively priced, flexible cleaning services in Antioch. Our professional cleaners are ready to provide you with quality services at an affordable price – call us today!

Find the perfect cleaner in just 3 easy steps. Smart, trusted cleaners with great ratings for whatever you need to be done – from a quick clean before that holiday dinner to minor repairs around the house – all at a price you can afford.

Why can’t I do the house cleaning myself?

Getting Rid of The Dirt and Grime You Find at Home Is A Constant Chore
With more and more tasks to complete each day, it can feel like an impossible task to get the housework done. Even if you do get the job done and your house sparkles, it won’t stay that way for long. Weekends away, kids home from school, and general mess-making also contribute to stress levels – and even more cleaning! It’s time to enjoy life again! Ease off some of those household chores by calling on some professional help. That’s what we deliver as we provide you with reliable, guaranteed local cleaners who can take some of those tasks off your hands.

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Service

We all want to protect our planet, but how. By cutting down on carbon emissions? Stop flying? Go vegan? Not exactly intuitive.

It’s not rocket science that the more we harm the environment, the more we risk harm to ourselves. So how can we do our bit and cut out the hassle and expense of maintaining a sparkling green image? Our eco-friendly house cleaning service gives you a green image – effortlessly – with zero effort and zero waste. We use eco-friendly products, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals and toxins harming your family and pets.

Trusted House cleaning service

We offer affordable and reliable housekeeping services that will fit perfectly into your life and budget. Our flexible hours and online booking system let you book just the hours you want AND we’re open every day of the year. We come right to you – we come to your home – You set how much house cleaning you need and when (because sometimes you don’t need it as much as other days). With our online scheduling system, there’s no need to figure it out.

Experienced and professional staff

Professional cleaning with a personal touch
Our maids are well trained to clean everything from top to bottom – inside and out – without damaging furniture or leaving streaks on the glass door. They use a dry mop specially designed for hardwood floors that cut down on dust and let you see your reflection on those floors now! Oh, and they clean those blinds, too? And those drapes? Yup. Those too.

What do we cover in our house cleaning?

Regular or periodic house cleaning

All that scrubbing and polishing, power washing, vacuuming, dusting, mopping the kitchen floor, or cleaning out the shower drain to make your home sparkle – all the things only a housekeeper can do to help you save the time you need for other priorities.

Deep cleaning or spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is an immense task that takes hours of effort. With a new season in the place, get a new feeling in your home, free of dust and dirt after deep and spring cleaning. Realizing that the leaves and dirt could pile up to 1.8m in just one year without you noticing? Feeling lazy and stressed about this unappealing job? Your ­garden looks like a jungle you can barely imagine getting through without antiseptics.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Muck builds up fast in the kitchen. Spills on the counter, hard-to-reach corners, greasy grill grates, and oven doors. Even simple tasks like cleaning the bathroom can wear you out. Leave it to the professionals. We’ll come to your home and clean everything in your kitchen and bathroom so you can relax before or after work. And who said bathroom cleaning was impossible? Not us!

Move-in/Move out cleaning

Moving is expensive. From the deposit to the hefty fees, and finally the cleaning fee, moving can seem like a rip-off. If not cleaned properly, any property can attract pests and unwanted guests. Especially when your stuff is still in there.

Our move-in and move-out cleaning save you time and money that would be otherwise spent on pest control and protection from the elements when your stuff was still in there. Our professional cleaners will get your new pad ready so that when you do move in you can enjoy it right away. We will even help you with your move when it’s time to go!

Party Cleanup

The stress of cleaning up after a party is enough to make any party-goer want to hide away in shame. (After all, who wants to go back to work the day after when they could be sleeping in?).

Cleaning up after a party isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. And from the look on your face, you’re definitely not one of them! Are you going to have to call in favors to get help? Whether it’s post-wedding rubbish removal or spring-cleaning help in time for Easter, we’ve got you covered.

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