5 Top Property Technology Startups to Impact in 2023


Whether you want to sell your Condos in Oakville or Sell your homes in Toronto, technological transformation is undertaking these transactions very efficiently. Every industry is being transformed by technology, and the real estate sector is benefiting by using automated services.

As per records, around 2021, SilverLake spent 507 million U.S. dollars in entrata, a tech-driven real estate surveillance program. The investment busted all the records and ranked as the significant outlay in the U.S. that year.

Next in the queue was ServiceTitan, with a whopping investment rounded off as worth 500 million U.S. dollarsMoreover, in 2021, $24.3 billion U.S. was subsidized into property tech establishments globally. The massive investments have been promptly advancing since 2012. However, the fluctuation in spending has been evident in 2020 due to the pandemic chaos.

The integration of emerging automated advancements in real estate services is paramount. The increased demand for cutting-edge property tech services, consumers, brokers, investors, and even sellers are relishing exceptional benefits related to the real estate business.

So, let’s explore Five Top Property Technology Startups


A 2-D digital floor plan generator that assists in the composition of exact, and practically applicable floor plans for any property, Cubicasa deserves the first rank on the list of five top property technology startups of 2022.

The tech advancement delivers highly accurate results within one business day by tapping on your android or iOS gadgets.

Cubicasa minimizes labour costs and equipment charges and, most importantly, saves tons of hours by executing results swiftly.

Salient Features:

  • The app operates strictly on the market-focused orientation providing exact or nearly matching results. So, if the user is searching ads for Condos for sale in Oakville or trying to find a buyer to Sell a home in Toronto, Cubicasa will serve you with all you deserve.
  • The app quickly aids real estate buyers and renters by examining top-down floorplans.
  • Most of the floorplans provided by Cubicasa are below $30 each. Affordability on the go!


With the unique feature of quickly generating leads to expand a business, Revaluate secures a spot in this list of top property technology startups in 2022. With this software program, users upload the details of their existing contacts and analyze the database to further categorize the particulars into either agent or broker. Revaluation benefits real estate agents by connecting them to buyers or sellers using existing contact databases rather than hunting for potential consumers.

 Salient Features:

  • The tech-savvy encodes the details regarding consumers’ interests and learns their behavior to differentiate buyers and sellers for generating leads.
  • Revaluation guarantees successful real estate lead generation.
  • The utmost stance to target potential customers is reaching them at the right time, which Revaluate delivers at the most cost and time-effective!
  • The app makes it very comfortable to communicate with the buyers as users interact with the allies they formerly knew, so there is an essence of trust, ensuring higher conversion rates.


Forget the hassle of your real estate marketing, as this tech will do all the business.  Artur’in is a startup using technology to facilitate real estate businesses as a digital marketing service provider.

Getting your hands on Artur’in saves time and money and delivers 100% customer-driven results.

Salient Features:

The startup provides a range of digital marketing services, including:

  • Real Estate Blogs
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Lead Generation With Higher Conversion Rate
  • Professional Photography
  • High-Quality HDR Videography
  • Easy to manage platform requires users to sign up online and add project details.
  • Evaluating the progress can be analyzed by simply logging into the registered account.
  • Artur’in provides customer-centric results conveniently as the real estate enterprise focuses on more essential tasks.


Tomi.ai is another brilliant tech invention serving the property industry by securing a higher conversion rate and lead generation.

The tech tracks the interests of property buyers and sellers to tweak the targeted audience on social media ads (mainly Facebook and Google).

The artificially intellectual real estate tech promises to attract more leads and higher conversion rates directing to ultimate business growth.

Salient Features:

  • ai is an acronym for the services it provides; Targeting, Optimization, Measurement, and Insights, and that’s all that a real estate enterprise requires to succeed!
  • Tech advancement elevates companies in their efforts to target the right audience effortlessly.
  • Thus, Tomi.ai is one of the best tools for an enterprise-level real estate service provider.


Lastly, Inspectify to wrap up the list of top property technology startups. Inspectify eases decision-making by digitally executing, scheduling, and examining real estate trade.

The platform tends to create a marketplace incorporating verified inspectors to take out assessments.

Whether a buyer, seller, or property inspection, the property tech advancement transparently displays all the results, preventing significant financial loss.

Salient Features:

  • Inspection consists of a user portal enabling buyers to get complete authenticity details regarding any home they want to own in less than ten minutes.
  • It is one of few property startup technologies providing exceptional services FREE of cost.
  • However, the user signing up as an inspector needs a small referral fee to get the orders.

Take Away:

Well, it is time for this precise yet informative guide to waive goodbye so that you may find a potential buyer to sell your home by integrating a top property technology startup right now! Hopefully, the festive season will bring you all the prosperity with property trading and the latest real estate trends we always present for your service. Don’t forget to leave feedback; we’ll be back with trending news. Until then, stay tuned and safe at your cozy place.

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