7 DIY Home Decoration Trends You Can Follow


No doubt, it is extremely expensive for you to decorate your home from top to bottom. While decorating your home, you will have to spend enough money to buy furniture, paint, and other decorative accents. Some people don’t have enough money to buy expensive furniture, paint, and other decorative accents. Moreover, they have to contact professional home decorators to add personality to your home. If you don’t have enough money to buy these expensive things, you can follow custom routes. Following custom, routes mean that you can make use of DIY home decoration trends.

Best Home Decoration

By using these home decoration trends, you can completely transform your home. Here, we will discuss seven home decoration trends that you can follow.

Faux Concrete Wall:

If you want to bring a new and different texture to your room, you can use faux concrete walls. It is allowing the decorators to nail the desired look of their homes. You will have to start these home decoration trends by preparing a plan. It means that you should pick up the best paintbrush.

After that, you should select the perfect color for your room. While selecting the paint shades, you can find boundless options. Before painting the whole room, you should paint a sample swatch. It will provide an idea of the color of your room. You should also calculate the color that requires for the room. At last, you should gather the right material for the painting.

Scale Artwork to Your Wall:

There are some ridiculous-looking things in your room. It means that if you hang the art too high in your room, it may seem ridiculous to visitors. If you want to provide the perfect look of this art to the visitors, you should hang the picture at eye level. It will average the heights of tall and short people. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the height of the wall.

If the height of your wall is high, you can choose two or more decorative pieces. For the lower-height walls, one art piece is enough. You should also be careful while spacing these pictures. You should not maintain more than 2 to 4 inches of space between the artworks.

Layer Your Lighting:

It is also one of the best DIY home decoration trends to provide a different look to your home. By following this trend, you can ensure three layers of lighting in your home. First, there comes ambient lighting. It will provide overall illumination to your home.

In most cases, it comes from ceiling fixtures. Secondly, there comes task lighting. It will provide a kitchen island to the residents. At last, there comes accent lighting. It is the most decorative form of lighting. With the help of this lighting, we can highlight the artwork in the home. To provide the perfect look to your home, you can use 42 lumens per square foot in your home.

Use Visual Tricks to Raise The Ceiling:

In some homes, we have ceilings on the low side. If you want to get less claustrophobic feelings in your home, you should paint them white. You should also hang the curtains higher than the windows. It will provide an amazing view to you that your room is taller.

While hanging the curtains higher, you should ensure custom drapes in the curtains. You can also order the patterned panels. To provide visually elongated feelings at the walls, you can try vertical stripes. You should also hang a large mirror against the wall.

Baskets on Bathroom Wall:

According to a research by dissertation help firm, it was observed that all the things are well-organized but they can’t manage an organization in the bathrooms. Here, you can also make use of home decoration trends. When you will use this trend, you can make towels and other objects hygienically at home.

Moreover, these objects are affordable for people. That’s why you can also use them to make the environment innovative and functional. While decorating the bathroom walls, you can use the existing pattern in your home. Anyhow, you can make use of wicker or picnic baskets. To match the style with the environment, you can also make use of some other objects.

Bins in Home Decoration:

Nowadays, people are using wooden crates as a DIY home decor trend. The reason is that these wooden crates are contributing to the recycling of the materials. You can easily find these wooden crates at supermarkets in major cities. We can easily find these wooden crates at low or no cost.

If you want to embellish with different environments, you can turn these crates into amazing pieces. No doubt, the wooden crates are available in smaller pieces. That’s why we can easily combine them in different ways. While combining them in different ways, we can make shelves, tables, niches, etc.

Furniture Made With Pallet:

Just like wooden crates, people are also using pallets as the DIY home decor trend. When we will use pallets, we can easily transform this material into decorating pieces for the home. We can also complete its decoration and preparation process just like wooden crates. Anyhow, pallets have larger pieces than wooden crates. That’s why they require more effort to create home decoration pieces.

Anyhow, if you want to create the best decoration pieces with pallets, you will have to think about the generous dimensions of pallets. In some cases, we can also use them to decorate large and sturdy furniture. For example, we can use pallets to assemble beds and TV panels.


By following the DIY home decoration trends, you will have to complete different tasks without hiring professionals. Moreover, you don’t need to buy things from the stores or an artesian. For the completion of various DIY home projects, you don’t need to get help from the experts.

While selecting the best home decoration DIY projects, you should think about the interior look of your home. For example, if you want to provide a different look to your rooms, you should think about faux concrete walls. Similarly, if you want to add bins and furniture to your home, you can think about wooden crates and pallets.

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