Top 5 Aqua fresh Water Purifiers for TDS less than 200


Why on earth would you require purifying water for drinking purposes? Surely, the water that enters your household is clean and unadulterated? All tap water is extremely suspect. The amount of contamination in our water supplies these days is unbelievable.

Public water is very contaminated. A study was performed on 29 municipal sources. It uncovered that each of the 29 cities had over 2000 toxic chemicals in its water. It’s no wonder that people are turning to Aqua Fresh Ro purifier systems that remove these contaminants. In addition to the pollution that’s made its way into public water, the chemicals that are added by municipalities are very unhealthy.

Aqua fresh Water Purifiers

Let’s check out the Top 5 Aqua Fresh Water Purifiers for TDS less than 200

Aqua fresh Dolphin

Smartly designed and based on advanced technology, this is one of the smart options for your home and office. It has the capacity to store 8L of water and this is a sufficient amount for your family. Apart from that, it can purify 120L water in a day which is more than your requirements we can say. This comes in different shapes and that’s why it is called an Aquafresh dolphin RO water filter which enhances the beauty of your place and is different from other purifiers. The total weight of this article is 9.4 kg which is best for your place. It completely removes the dirt, and filth from your drinking water so that you get pure and drinkable water for your family. It keeps the water temperature between 5 Celsius to 50 calcifies.

Aqua fresh Super Grand

One of the smart options comes only in 6k and has many best quality features in it which give the best results to you. It keeps the actual taste of water which helps to increase the taste of food and keeps the mineral in it. This is one of the superb options for you because it gives the best and pure water to drink. It has various automatic features in it that help to show its working process and completion. It also cleans the water up to 120L which is most enough for you.

Aqua Fresh Aqua Novo

The best option for you places if you are looking for a smart option to clean your drinking water. It gives quick results to you because it works on smart technology and cleans the water by using ten steps. It keeps the minerals in water and cleans the dust or unwanted material from the water so that you can get clean water. The capacity of cleaning the water per hour is 12L to 15L which is sufficient for you. Apart from that the total weight of this option is just 9.5kg.

Aqua Fresh Epic

The best and most affordable option for you with several benefits and qualities. It is one of the suitable options that give crystal clear water to drink with essential minerals so that you get benefits also. It also increases the taste of your coffee, and tea because it enhances the taste of your water. With the help of this water purifier, you will always get pure and clean water which is necessary for everyone.

Aqua fresh Nexus Diamond (White)

It is a smart purifier that is based on smart technology and purifies the water by using many stages. It maintains the minerals in it and you will get pure water to drink. You can place this anywhere according to your place and it works automatically and has the capacity to store 12L water.

Now, you can get additional benefits and services with these options. Aqua fresh company offers free shipping and installation in Delhi and NCR. To know more about benefits and options, please visit their official website!

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