Common Air Duct Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


Air ducts play a major role in the HVAC system by ensuring a proper air supply in our homes. Air is sucked in by the vents and circulated back to the house through the ducts for heating or cooling the home. When the air ducts accumulate dust or other dirt particles, the air quality of the house is compromised. This happens as the circulated air entering the home through the ducts gets contaminated.

Getting the air ducts cleaned is essential to ensure a healthy air supply in the home. However, the air duct cleaning process is delicate and requires experience, as a small mistake can become a nightmare. So, let us guide you through the common mistakes you must avoid.

7 Common Air Duct Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

While doing air duct cleaning, people do a few mistakes that should be avoided. Check out some of the most common mistakes of air duct cleaning.

1.     Poor System Maintenance

One of the major mistakes homeowners make is not taking proper care of the air ducts. Cleaning and replacing the air duct and ensuring proper maintenance is essential. The poor maintenance results in the accumulation of dust, debris, and so on in the ducts. This affects the HVAC system performance and the air quality inside the house.

Taking care of the air ducts and maintaining them properly will ensure a healthy environment inside the home. Educate yourself on air duct cleaning and get the systems cleaned when required without hesitation. Not paying proper attention will result in the homeowner paying a hefty charge on the electric bills and damage.

2.     Choosing The Wrong Air Duct Cleaning Company

Hiring experts to clean your air ducts is a definitive decision. HVAC technicians have the proper equipment and experience to clean or replace the air ducts. However, many homeowners choose the wrong company, which costs them money, time, and patience with no fruitful result.

When it comes to finding a Dallas air duct cleaning company, hundreds of companies operate in the area. But homeowners often choose the air duct cleaning company by taking the experience or affordable cost into account. The decision must be made by considering a few other factors too.

While years of experience is a crucial factor, having the right equipment, quality of work and work policy of the business in mind is important. In addition, the cost, insurance, warranty, time, and so on play a major role in the quality of air duct cleaning. Before selecting an HVAC provider for air duct cleaning, several aspects should be taken into consideration.

3.     Opting For An Annual Cleaning

Another major mistake the homeowners make is getting the air ducts cleaned religiously once every year. While routine maintenance is important, excessive cleaning can also cause significant damage to the ducts. The HVAC experts must only work on the air ducts when there is a decent amount of dust, debris, and so on accumulated inside.

There is no need to get the air duct cleaned once every few months or years. A good cleaning will have the ducts perform significantly for quite a few years without additional work.

4.     Using The Wrong Filter

The air duct requires filters to maintain indoor air quality by blocking dust and other particles from entering your home. Installing the correct filter is essential to ensure that the air duct does not get damaged. Cleaning the air ducts by professionals will not be of much help if you do not install the right filters.

Proper knowledge and research are important in order to choose the right ones. Ask the technicians to purchase the filters for the system or check the description and manual properly before making a purchase yourself.

5.     Irregular Air Duct Inspections

Checking the air ducts on a regular basis helps to understand whether the ducts require cleaning or not. Irregular checks often lead to costly replacements and cleaning. If dirt, dust, etc., accumulate in the air ducts for a long time, it can degrade the air quality inside the house. This degradation can result in respiratory issues, breathing troubles, bronchitis, and many more. Make sure to examine the ducts at least once a month or two to know the condition inside the air ducts.

6.     Not Taking The Technician’s Experience In Account

In order to ensure a proper air duct cleaning or replacement, the experience of the HVAC technician is a major factor. Before allowing a technician to work on the air ducts, ensure they have the proper certification, license, and equipment.

Even though the company has several years of experience, the technician might not have the same years of experience. Thus, it is better to make sure that all the documentation is updated and correct before getting an air duct cleaning done.

7.     Not Inquiring About The Costs

Getting a detailed idea about the cost before receiving any service is a smart move. This will help you in finding out how much amount you are paying and for what purpose. This cost breakdown also helps you to save money and prevents the hassle of hidden charges.

Contact the air duct cleaning company for a detailed service quote. Compare the quote with other companies and finalize the one suitable to your budget and other needs. However, do not solely divert your focus to the cost of the cleaning.


For air duct cleaning, Dallas, Texas, offers several companies and service providers. But not all of them are reliable or worth the money and time. Make sure to rely on a professional to inspect and clean the air ducts of your home.

Keep the air quality in check and prepare a healthy breathing environment for yourself and your family.  Get the air ducts cleaned and change the filters properly when needed.

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