Tips And Tricks: The Fun Way To Salt River Tubing


Imagine yourself relaxing on the water, sunrays playing with your hair, and a soft breeze of fresh air sweetening your cold beverage. That’s what ideal river tubing should feel like. It has emerged as one of the favorite summer past-times of Americans along with pool parties and backyard barbeques. Rivers all across America are opened up for salt river tubing at the start of the summer and you are more likely to find some spot to float in a hundred-meter radius of your home.

Are you ready to game up to a salt river tubing adventure you are going to cherish during the coming winters? This post has got tips and tricks for exactly that. Recruit some friends or family members because this is a fun way to river-tubing.

Pick Your Favorite River and Floating Spot

Too obvious? Not so much! Most people plan on a tubing tour on any river. Doing a little bit of research and finding the best spot can make or break the whole thing. The most important thing is to determine the tube-ability of a river and for that, you need to know the flow rate and water level.

You don’t want the flow rate to be too high because it makes tubing unsafe. The too-low flow rate will make it boring and you may be stepping on exposed rocks. Conduct an online search of the destination to avoid last-minute surprises.

If you are thinking in your head “what’s so fun about this?”, trust me this boring part is a must to get to that fun moment.

Double Check the Conditions

It’s not only about the clouds versus the sun! Check the water conditions. You don’t want to find out the details about the weather when you arrive at the spot. Thus it is highly recommended to search for the information earlier.

Visit the official websites of tubing outfitters to find out the river conditions daily. You will find a color-coded key to tell you whether the river is open for everyone, strong swimmers or no one. And just be sure, call the outfitters to confirm the river conditions. This will save you a lot of stress and inconvenience.

Select Between DIY Or the Companies Offering Best Tubing Tours

As salt river tubing is growing in popularity, several companies offer tubing tours at affordable costs. They are also called tubing outfitters. Going with one means they will handle everything from the shuttle to the launch point, tube rental, and coolers. Like every other luxury or convenience, you have to pay the cost of it. Expect to pay about $25 for each person.

If you want to save money and float without any restrictions, you can choose to do it on your own. Get yourselves river tubes and you have invested in many tubing tours of the future. Invest in the gear for once for cost-effective fun adventures every summer.

Know What to Bring with You

Knowing the logistics and water conditions is not enough. You should know what to bring with you and the fun can be multiplied manifold.

Start with the essentials such as the tube (if you are not renting outfitters), water shoes, sun protection, and a portable air pump. The best type of tube is the one with a mesh bottom so that you can float around comfortably. It can keep you cool from the water underneath, act as a catch net for all your belongings and offer you more safety.

If you are planning for lazy floats with peak relaxation hours, find tubes outfitted with headrests. Sturdy footwear and sun protection will keep you safe while you are kicking water currents.

Plan For a Music System

Investing in a water-resistant speaker is the best investment you can make! This can keep up the water party vibes. Make sure the designated person has a fully loaded playlist on their phone and the speakers are fully charged for the soundtrack of your trip.

Don’t Forget to Bring Some Snacks and Water

Have a good meal before you leave for the tour. Leave behind the tale of not eating anything before jumping into the water because hours-long trips need a lot of fuel. And grab some of your favorite dry snacks for your hunger pangs. You are going to get them, especially if you are planning to consume adult beverages.

You must also bring stainless steel water bottles to keep water cool during the tubing tour because hydration is very important when you are floating under the sun for hours.

Make A Flotilla to Float with Fun

When you hire a salt river tubing company, you generally have to stick to their standard water vehicles. A BYOT route gives you the freedom of using customized floatation vehicles. Giant six-person unicorn floats are my personal favorite.

If you cannot afford the luxury of buying such floatation vehicles, make a flotilla. Break out your rope-tying skills to keep your crew tied up. This is especially important if you have not-so-good swimmers on the crew.

Add some playful competition, take a sip of your favorite beverage and laugh out loud!

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