Things You Need to Know About Humidifier


What are Humidifiers?

A humidifier, also known as a humidifier or air humidifier, is a product that helps to raise the humidity of the air in your room. Especially in environments where air conditioning is used. From there, you can ensure the health of your family, especially families with young children.

What Types of Humidifiers are There, How They Work

Thermal humidifiers:

The machine works by evaporating naturally, when the temperature heats up, the water will turn into vapor and evaporate into the environment thanks to the blower fan. , helping to ensure the humidity is always guaranteed.

Thermal humidifiers will operate at a lower capacity than ultrasonic humidifiers, and the amount of moisture out into the environment will also form for a longer time.

However, this way will not cause excess moisture in the room. Therefore, the situation moldy is almost non-existent.

One thing is that the structure of a thermal humidifier is a bit complicated. Therefore, cleaning will be more difficult and time-consuming than ultrasonic humidifiers.

In terms of tank capacity and capacity, humidifiers are divided into humidifiers for air-conditioned rooms, 12v mini humidifiers, and industrial humidifiers.

Ultrasonic humidifier:

This is a machine that uses high-frequency electromagnetic wave energy, allowing water to be split into soft, microscopic mist particles. And thanks to the design of the curtain diffuses into the air, creating moisture for the environment.

The humidifier nebulizer almost emits very little sound and does not make noise during its operation. With a simple design, it is easy to clean after use, convenient, and saves time.

However, there is a point to note for all types of humidifiers: when we use them, we will see white dust on the items in the room. This is due to the operating principle of the mineral in the water. diffuse in the air.

When using the machine, we should pay attention to the operating mechanism of the machine, if the humidity in the air is just enough, then turn off the machine.

Otherwise, it will cause excessive hot air, adversely affecting household items.

Therefore, you should choose for your family products that have turned off when not needed, which are both safe and energy-saving.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

There are many great benefits that a humidifier can bring to your family, such as:

Purifying the air and cooling: If your family uses a fan. water or air conditioner, the air conditioner should be accompanied by a humidifier. It has a cooling effect as well as an effective cooling effect that helps us not to lose water or dry skin.

Comprehensive protection of health: Whenever the season changes or the weather changes erratically, children and the elderly are often prone to illness, cough, or some respiratory diseases. Most of the cause is due to a lack of air humidity.

Several functions are integrated into the humidifier: deodorizing unpleasant odors, insects, and bacteria, and preventing harmful agents from the body.

As a machine operating technology, besides the outstanding advantages, the machine will also have certain disadvantages. Because in the process of using, the user has not used it properly. We will provide these limitations at the end of the article.

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Factors to Choose to Buy the Best Humidifier

1. When to Buy a Humidifier

If you have to work often, stay in an air-conditioned or air-conditioned environment. Over time you will appear some phenomena such as dry skin, respiratory diseases, and nosebleeds … due to too dry air. This is very harmful to health.

Besides, on dry days, you are also very likely to experience the above symptoms. Especially for families with elderly people and babies, this is a matter of concern.

In addition to choosing foods to supplement water and minerals for the body, you should also think about buying a humidifier, it will be much more convenient.

2. Choose a Humidifier with a Capacity Suitable for the Room Size

Depending on the size of your room space, you can choose to buy the most suitable machine. Do not choose a machine with a container that is too small if your room space is large and airy. Because doing so, the amount of moisture in the room will not be guaranteed as well as the fact that you have to regularly add water to the tank.

Normally, a humidifier will have a capacity of about 2.5 – 4.5 liters, allowing you to use it up to 10 to 15 hours in a row, just enough in rooms with an area of ​​​​35m2 or less.

As far as we can see, most of the most popular humidifiers at the moment usually have a tank capacity ranging from 2.5 liters to 4.5 liters, equivalent to rooms with an area of ​​​​under 35m2 and using Continuous use for 10-15 hours.

3. Low Noise of the Machine

Noise is one of the problems that we wonder about when choosing to buy air conditioners. To choose to buy a good humidifier, you should also pay attention to its noise level and operating mode.

What is the right level of noise?

How much noise is enough is always a question for many people when buying a humidifier. Usually, a low-noise machine has a frequency below 35dB.

Thus, when using it, the noise emitted by the machine will not affect your family, especially families with small children.

4. How Much is the Current Price of a Humidifier

There are many different types of humidifiers, diverse in designs, types as well as colors, and models. Depending on the levels, the price of the humidifier has its own appropriate level.

From affordable, compact mist sprayers to high-end, multi-function humidifiers. Therefore, depending on the purpose as well as the family economy, you can choose to buy the most suitable machine.


  • If you only use the humidifier on days when the weather changes and the temperature is too high, you can consider affordable products. If you live and work in an air-conditioned environment, you need to choose a better nebulizer to ensure your and your family’s health.
  • You should buy using Coupons for humidifiers to get the best price, especially on BlackFriday or another big sale occasion.

5. Buy a Good, Secure Mist Humidifier

Today, due to the development of online shopping or because you don’t have too much time to go to big electronics stores, the distance is too far. You can choose to buy online and ship goods at many reputable establishments such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Target, etc…

However, in the selection process, you need to carefully research and choose the store’s Quality reputation for more peace of mind about the product. Please note this carefully to avoid encountering risks in shopping.

One of the simple ways for you to evaluate it is to see the quality of the product through the reviews of those who have bought and used it, paying attention to the customer reviews. If you completely trust it, you can choose to buy it. If not, we can look for another option in another shop.

Also, don’t forget to search for promotions so you can shop at the best prices, with great deals from the company or the supply store. And you can save up to 40% on a humidifier if you shop during Black Friday. Good luck.

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