What Are the Benefits of Quality Fence Staining


The moment you invest in a new fence for your home, you have active responsibility for its maintenance whether you do it on your own or hire the help of fence staining companies.

Fence staining has multiple benefits it not only helps strengthen the construction wood but prevents it from breaking or losing its structural strength due to harsh weather conditions.

If you skip the staining process, you will not be able to maintain the strength and appearance of your wooden fence. In fact, multiple other issues will arise.

So, folks, fence staining creates an ultimate win-win situation for your wooden fence protecting it from harmful UV rays, keeping away mold infestation, and bringing the much-needed curb appeal to your home with the selection of custom color palettes.

If you are at a crossroads regarding your fence staining, then here are some of the top benefits of quality staining that may just convince you otherwise. Without any further delay, let’s dig in.

1. Keeps Your Fence from Rotting Away

If you invest in a high-quality wood stain, then it can do wonders to keep the water at bay from the wooden area. In the absence of water, your fence will remain protected from the process of rotting. This will help increase the quality and lifespan of your fence.

2. Provides the Necessary Sturdiness to The Wood

During the rainy season, the water can easily seep deep into the wood in your fence. The Provide a perfect habitat for mold and mildew infestation. This weakens the structure of the wood and causes the stalk to split. But quality fence staining prevents the wood from splitting.

3. Keeps the Fence Safe from Harmful UV Rays

The UV radiations from the sun can easily damage the wood in the fence causing its color to fade away. But good quality fence stain protects your wooden fence from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The main benefit of using stain over paint for your fence is that the wooden structure becomes more apparent and it enhances the visual appeal as well.

4. Improves the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When you go out in the market in search of quality fence staining, you will come across many color palette options. You can mix the stain color with either oil or water custom colors. This will help enhance the curb appeal of your fence.

And if you are planning to put your property on sale, quality fence staining can instantly increase the value of your home.

Moreover, the wooden fence requires the use of an auto-penetrating sealant that secures the fencing structure for a long time and protects it from harsh weather conditions as well.

The staining process makes sure that the stain forms a uniform coat all over the fence even if the fence and deck are constructed using more than one type of wood. Your fence will get a fresh outlook and your home’s curb appeal will instantly improve.

Why Choose Stain Over Paint?

Staining is always preferred over traditional painting for fencing options and for good reasons. The paint only forms a layer on the top of the wood’s surface however stain has the capability of penetrating deep within the wood giving it a natural grainy finish.

Moreover, with stains, you only need a single or a double coat, while with paint you may need to layer multiple coats. Stain also dries much faster than paint, hence it is an ideal option for your wooden fence.

Lastly, the stain is the only option in the market that helps maintain the natural appearance of the wood. With stain, you can get a nice matte finish all over the wood’s surface while the paint on the other hand leaves the wood with an artificial glossy finish. Ask yourself which would look better.

Why Hire a Professional Expert For Fence Staining?

You might be tempted to go for a DIY job for your fence staining to save a few bucks, but it is always better to hire a professional. A professional not only has good experience but will use quality products from the market.

The skills and expertise of a professional fence-staining expert are backed by years of experience in use. The right kind of stains and tools provide a natural finish to the wooden fence without compromising its structural strength.

Modern-day professionals use good quality oil stains that have a higher penetration capability. They offer greater protection to the wood from harmful UV radiation and bad weather.

So, by hiring an expert you will not only get quality service but a warranty on the done work as well.  This will give you peace that the performed task has been executed correctly.

Happy fence staining guys!

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