What To Do When Your Brother Printer is Offline


When it shows a status of “Offline,” means that your printer is not electronically connected to the computer. When your printer is showing “Online,” this means that it can connect and is connected to other devices. Brother printer is offline  A connection of your Brother printer with other devices is crucial because the printer needs to collect information from other devices to print the desired materials.

The Brother Printer can even be displayed as “Offline” if it is not turned on, or if other errors including empty toner, your brother printer is not set as the default printer, or the USB cord of your it is not connected, or it has a network connection problem in the brother printer.

Your Brother Printer is Not Power-On

Your Brother Printer can show the  “Offline” message if it is not on. Even if it is in connection to your personal computer by a USB, your computer still can not recognize any connection if it is power-off. It is also good that Brother checks the printer’s LCD screen.

If this screen of your printer is blank, then the printer might not have been powered on. Please make sure the printer is having an electrical outlet, it is working, and all switches are on the “On” setting. These precautions will help you in turning your printer on.

Your Brother Printer has an Error

It will also show you an “Offline” message if it is experiencing some other errors like “Empty Toner” or “Paper Jam.” Both of these issues are very serious, and these can prevent printing. Brother customer care service recommends checking the printer’s LCD screen to look for any other possible error messages. If you see some error message displayed on the screen, you should try to resolve the error before worrying about the printer’s online status again.

Your Brother Printer Does Not Have The Default Printer Set Up

Your Brother printer can show an “Offline” message if it is not there as the default printer on your computer. A default printer is one that your computer will send a job by default unless you specify otherwise and click “Print.” If it is not there as the default, your computer might have been trying to connect to a different printer.

You can even resolve these issues by just making your printer the default in your computer’s “Devices” section. If this option is not there as a device on the computer, reinstall the printer driver from a CD-ROM or website. And check for it again.

Your Brother Printer Has A USB Cable Or Network Problem

You can get an offline message for your brother’s printer if the connection to your brother’s printer is faulty. If you connect to your printer through a USB cable, the cable might have a problem with hardware or connectivity. Brother recommends using USB cables with twisted-pair wiring and shielding. Also, the cable must not be more than 6 feet long.

If you connect to your printer through a wireless network, the network’s server could be down or firewall-protected. The recommendation is to check your network’s router or hub. Check your computer’s firewall setting to ensure that it does not block the network connection. You can also run network connection diagnostics.


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